Artillery Shells
  Multi Shots
  Heavy Weight Multi Shots
  Roman Candles
  New Mexico
  North Carolina
  South Carolina
61 Shot Boomer Assorted Cakes

16 Shot Boomer Assorted Cakes

After Shock

Alien Reloads (3 reloadable UFO's)
Altitude with Attitude

Anger Management

Area 51

Bada Bing
Black Thunder

Boiling Point

Brew Crew (Happy Hour, Bottoms Up, Last Call, Pop A Top)

Chili Pepper, Jaw Breaker, Road Show Assorted Cakes
Coco Loco

Color Pearls 48 Shot

Color Pearls 96 Shot

Crackling Color Palm
Crazy Exciting

Decorated Hero

Deja Blue

Fist Full of Power

Flirting with Greatness

Hard to Beat

High Fidelity
Hostile Takeover

Land of the Free

Let the Games Begin

Little Nemo
Massive Destruction

Natural Disaster

Nerves of Steel

Photo Finish
Power Play

Pyro Gumbo

Saturn Missile Battery 25 shot

Saturn Missile Battery 100 shot
Saturn Missile Battery 300 shot

Shoe Box Assorted Cakes

Size Doesn't Matter

Tail Gator
That's Your Problem

Wave of Color